From the recording Stars on the Island

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Filipina-American Chicago family music artist, Little Miss Ann (Chicago), special guest Amelia Robinson of MIl’s Trills and Grammy winning Producer, Dean Jones team up on this new Little Miss Ann song "Stars on the Island". What does it feel like for an American born daughter of Filipino immigrants to go back to “where her parents are from”, the Phillipines, for her first time during Christmas season where she observes the colorful handmade paper stars that line the road, as well as many forms of transportation and foods unique to the Phillipines.


Look at all the stars on the road
Pretty paper stars on the side of the road
Colorful stars on the road
Lit up on the side of the road

It’s Christmas time on the other side of the world
It’s Christmas time on the Island
It’s Christmas time in the Phillipines
Where my parents are from

Watchin’ how the road dogs they cross the street
Lookin’ at the Habal habal’s GO-in fast fast fast
Seein’ how the Jeepneys GO-in fast fast fast
3 wheeled motorcycles, they go fast fast fast

Buyin’ fresh fish from the fishin’ boat
Gettin’ yummy food for a celebration
Pickin’ ripe mangoes from the side of the road
Addin’’ shaved coconut to our load