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"Ann was super great! I hope she will come back every year to speak to our students about the power of music. We loved her was so informative, professional, powerful......fantastic!"

Dr. Kathleen Sheridan, University of Illinois Chicago Education Professor

Little Miss Ann inspires parents, teachers, education college students, caregivers and kids through her interactive musical workshops about the benefits of music! Little Miss Ann's workshops with "grown-ups" are fun and participatory. Little Miss Ann's workshops are multi-modal in that she models how to use music through both singing and recorded music, videos, journal writing, break-out groups, polls and more!

She shows how non-musical and musically inclined folks can utilize music as an intervention for child development, health and wellness!


Whether it's in the classroom or at home, music can help build a child's:

Social- Emotional Growth
Language development
Listening skills
Verbal memory skills
Self-control and body awareness
Social interaction skills 

E-mail or call 773.387.0772 for more information on how to have Little Miss Ann come do a fun and interactive SCHOOL OR LIBRARY WORKSHOP!