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"All Ann's songs have themes of hope and connection," De Jesus said. "I think the energy and positivity and messages of love that come out of the music really connects with families and kids."

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Your whole family will be hooked by Little Miss Ann’s heartfelt songs from her fourth album “Follow Me”, full of unique instrumentation, infectious melodies and her soulful voice. Her interactive concerts have an upbeat yet down-to-earth feel with strong, empowering messages.

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Little Miss Ann (a.k.a. Ann Torralba), a first-generation Filipina-American is proud to be part of the Chicago Kindie music scene and an instructor at the esteemed Old Town School of Folk Music. She is a former Chicago Public School teacher. Little Miss Ann has been called one of the "most influential kids musicians in Chicago" and "one of the best local kindie acts" by Time Out Chicago. Little Miss Ann is the founder of the Windy Kindie Chicago Cooperative and co-creator of the Chicago Kindie Sampler. She has guest DJ'ed on the Hilltown Families Variety Show, written about all things Kindie for various websites, produced a popular Nodcast Podcast for the Land of Nod, and contributed a song to Keep Hoping Machine Running - Songs of Woody Guthrie. Ann lives in Chicago with her husband, daughter, and dog.

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Chicago's Ann Torralba has released several albums of family music over the past few years, each CD better than the last. Her latest, Follow Me, continues her string of organic, thoughtful, joyful collections of tunes for music-loving families.










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Your favorite Wiggleworm teacher turned bona fide Chicago folk hero! You’ll be inspired by her folksy tunes and positive messages that make her performance a must-see.

"The energetic kindie-folk starlet will bring you to your feet at a live show." (Feb 17, 2015)


 I don't think Torralba is doing anything weird, but the cumulative effect of the songs is to make one of the more distinctive-sounding albums of the year -- a little timeless, a little timely, and a little out of time altogether.


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Little Miss Ann's song "Can you Make a Circle?" from her fourth album, "Follow Me" was featured on Richard Milne's WXRT show "Local Anasthetic".

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FOLLOW ME, the latest album from LITTLE MISS ANN is a lot of fun. The kids dig it. I dig it. That's a win right there. There's sort of a 90s folksy alt-rock thing happening on it, and it's well-worth checking out. Actually, don't be surprised to see it pop-up on my year-end wrap-up as a favorite.


It’s easy to imagine relaxing out here, looking out onto the backyard at a peach tree heavy with fruit, and listening to Ann sing, perhaps something from Follow Me. “I’ve got some hope, oh how it grows / I’ve got some hope springing from me / Gotta let it out,” she sings on “I Got a Light.” If her home is any indication of her state of mind, the rosy words are easy to believe.


Ann’s music is serious folk with a youthful lyrical slant, much more Joni and Janis than bus wheels and Barney.

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Six local luminaries share the bill as the kaleidoscopic Chicago Kindie All-Stars, including Mr. Singer, Ralph Covert, Laura Doherty, John Joyce and Jeanie B!. We’re especially keen on see-ing Little Miss Ann, whose effusiveness in front of an audience has us bouncing harder than tires in potholes after a Chicago winter.

Third Album from Little Miss Ann is Best Yet

If nothing else, Little Miss Ann is sincere and down to earth as a musician and performer. But, of course, she's much more than that: Ann Torralba's approach to music incorporates themes of empowerment, togetherness, and self-confidence draped over the top of an organic, groovy musical backdrop. Pick up a copy of Walk with Me, you and your family will dig it.

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Groovy preschool folk-rock blows in from the Windy City as Ann Torralba (a.k.a. Little Miss Ann) performs standards like “You Are My Sunshine” as well as her spirited, 1960s-inspired originals.

Little Miss Ann performs a mix of folk-rock music, both traditional songs and new ones, filled with rich vocals and a beautiful mix of simple instrumentation.

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